Welcome to Freakwave Music!

EDM vs. Metal

T.I.L.I.D.I.N. mastermind Apex presents his record label Freakwave Music. It was founded in late 2015 at Berlin/Germany and is about to release all styles of modern Crossover EDM. Freakwave Music finds its place between EDM (Dubstep/Trap, Electro House, Drum and Bass, Hardstyle/Hardcore, Breaks) and Metal. If one want to name it, call it Brostep, Metalstep, Deathstep, Brutalstep, Metalectro and so on. We are not limited to a specific style unless it kicks ass!

12/21/2015 - Date of Foundation

We are proud to present our Electronic Music label. It's all about EDM vs. Metal in every possible manner!